Tecent QQ

The most popular instant messenging service in China with an estimated 899 million active accounts. Offering users a range of services from video messenging (like Skype), instant messenging (interface similar to Windows Messenger), music & video streaming service, mail accounts, news and more...

More users than the population of Europe!

Yes that's right - QQ has more active users than the entire population of Europe. To put into perspective, QQ has more users than the population of Europe and Russia put together.

QQ is owned and operated by Tecent Holding, the company who also own WeChat. QQ is predominantly an instant messenging service but also offers online social games, music, shopping, microblogging, movies, and group and voice chat.

If you are looking at targeting young Chinese then QQ is an essential marketing strategy.

The stats:
  • 899 million active users
  • 658 million monthly active mobile users
  • 60% of users born after 1990
  • QQ music has 100 million daily active users

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