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The growth of a social media presence has never been more important if you are looking to target Mainland Chinese consumers and a presence on China's largest instant messaging platform is primitively essential

WeChat is the largest instant messenging service in China with around 1.1 billion registered accounts and an average of 818 million active monthly users (with around 70 million non-Mainland China accounts)

More users than the population of Europe & USA put together!

With around 1.1 billion registered accounts, WeChat has more users than the combined population of Europe and the United States of America!

If you are looking at marketing to Mainland China, WeChat is the number one channel for pomoting your products and brands.

Great Wall Marketing are able to help set up your official WeChat account and/or promote your brand through key influencers.

Large Audience

WeChat has over 818 million active monthly users where each user uses the app at least ten times a day meaning its the perfect destination for any business looking to gain a large market audience.

All in One

WeChat is not just an instant messenging service, users can book a taxi, order food, buy cinema tickets, play games, check in for flights, even transfer money between friends. Almost anything


Creating a WeChat account for your business is crucial to gaining access to the China market. With your WeChat business account you can gain followers, post news, talk and message your customers and a lot more. Just need to decide what type of account you want (See below)

Purchasing Power

It is estimated that 100% of your followers on your WeChat business account will look at your content, followers are able to share this content and in a recent survey 38% of Chinese consumers make a product purchasing decision based on recomendations they read on social media

Incredible Growth

WeChat is leading the way for both social media and commerce in China, testimony to its incredible 21,000% growth rate in users over the last 4 years (Q2 2011 - Q2 2015).

Brand recognition

All major brands are joining WeChat as it offer both a platform for building a brand but as 1 in 5 WeChat users are using WeChat's payment system it has never been easier to sell your products from within WeChat itself.

Get an offical WeChat account

Open your official WeChat account today and access a social media audience of 700 million.

Setting up your WeChat account

The unique aspect to WeChat is the combination of both instant messenging and the ability for users to share and post within their contacts and followers just like a Facebook NewsFeed.

This unique feature is a crucial development for any business looking to market to China. Businesses are able to create a dedicated corporate account on WeChat and users can follow them and take note of any blog posts that is published

I've seen I can open a WeChat account for free on the WeChat website in English

Yes you can, however you can only open an international account.

There are over 700 million active users on WeChat - 630 million of these users are registered Chinese users (ie... they registered using a Chinese mobile number), if you open an international WeChat account none of these users can access your account. If you are targeting Chinese consumers, which is the main reason you are opening a WeChat account then it is defeating the purpose ofopening A WeChat account

The solution - An official WeChat account

So that all 700 million active registered users are able to gain access to your company's WeChat account, you need an offical WeChat account. To get an offical WeChat account you will need China registration details, either from a company incorpoarted in China or using an Chinese citizen electrol details - only those born in China will have this. If you DO NOT have a China registered company or have a Chinese registered identity, it is almost impossible to set up an official account

Great Wall Marketing are able to offer your business an official WeChat account by using our China registered details. Please see more information on our services for WeChat.

Managing your account

Once your account is set up, Great Wall Marketing is able to manage your account on your behalf or you are quiet happy to manage it yourself (though we recommend it would be better if you could read Chinese as all the admin section for your account is all in Chinese).

Please see more information on our services for WeChat.

Types of WeChat account

If you are unsure of the WeChat account best for you, please feel free to contact us

  • Service

  • Account displayed with users contacts
  • Post max. 4 messages per month
  • Direct communication with followers
  • Customised interactive menu
  • Open Now
  • Subscription

  • Account displayed in sub folder
  • Post max. 1 messages per day
  • Direct communication with followers
  • Customised interactive menu
  • Open Now

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