Sina Weibo 新浪微博

Weibo is termed microblogging in Chinese and consists of a number of competitive websites all with a social media aspect and targeted audience.

By far one of the most popular and diverse Chinese social network site across all age ranges and social classes is Sina Weibo.

Sina Weibo... a new wave

Sina Weibo is operated and owned by China's Sina Group, or Xin Lang - literally meaning New Wave. Out of all the microblogging websites, Sina Weibo is one of the most popular sites in China, used by well over 30% of China's 650 million internet users.

Weibo offers a means for content aggregation and distribution. Any user can create and post a feed of up to 140 Chinese characters and attach multimedia or long-form content. User relationships on Weibo may be asymmetric; any user can follow any other user and add comments to a feed while reposting. The simple, asymmetric and distributed nature of Weibo allows an original feed to become a live viral conversation stream.

Media users use Weibo as a platform for publishing and distributing headline news and allows general users to be heard publicly and exposed to the rich ideas, cultures and experiences of the broader world

The figures speak for themselves:
  • 600 million active users
  • 132 million daily active users - with 91% of these on mobile
  • 470 million daily video views
  • 64,000 posts every minute

Promoting your brand on Weibo

Like Facebook, each user has a Page that displays the user’s profile, feeds and album. Weibo enables users to express and share their ideas, opinions and stories in the form of text and attach multimedia, including photos, music, short videos and blogs. The text in a feed is limited to 140 Chinese characters, similar to Twitter.

Great Wall Marketing are able to help you set up an official Sina Weibo and promote your brand through our Weibo management service.

Just like Twitter, to promote your brand, a company can pay users, generally with a strong trend and influence (known as key infuencers), to post about them and guide their followers to your company or brand and create new trends just like the # concept of twitter. Great Wall Marketing are able to offeraccess to these key influencers and promote your brand.

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