Youku 优酷

Since its merger with Tudou, Youku is now China's leading video content platform with more than 900 million daily video views. It is China's primary video content source from user-generated and uploaded content, to licenced media content including movies and television programmes. If you are looking at generating media attention through video content, Youku is a primary source for elivering such content.

The Youtube of China

Did you know that the primary video content sharing websites are blocked in China? - Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc...

Therefore if you are looking at sharing promotional video content across China, uploading it to these sites will be very ineffective.

The stats:
  • 60% of the total online video market share in China
  • 900 million daily video views - 400 million on mobile devices
  • 150 million daily active users
  • 580 million users

Advertising on Youku

Advertising on Youku is significantly different from Youtube or other Western channels. Firstly, targeted advertising is quiet limited and is mainly focussed on large scale advertising, for example Youku can not target specific users based on their preferences or browsing history.

The cost of advertising ranges between locality but typical is between £3 - £8 per thousand impressions on a 15 second promo.

For companies looking to establish a new prescence in China, we recommend using Youku as a suplementary promotional route and promote the content using other platforms. Contact us today for more information

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