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With an internet population of 650 million and 70% of social media users are under the age of 35 spending on average of 90 minutes per day on social media platform, it is essential to have a China specific social media presence in a market, which not only changes by the second but, has significant propensity to consume.

In the West, social media has become an integral part of building a brand and audiences through followers, however in most circumstances this may not translate to sales and is seen more of a status quo strategy rather than a marketing one.

However, in Mainland China, this is very different and digital marketing approach is an essential and integral part of doing business, particularly for attracting new markets.

Therefore, if you are a western brand looking at venturing into Mainland China, and want to build a brand and audience, digital marketing is an essential part of any venture strategy.

The Audience

  • An estimated 650 million Chinese are active on social networking channels
  • 400 million of these access social media via their smartphones and;
  • By 2017, it is expected that there will be around 750 million Chinese mobile citizens
  • In a survey by McKinsey, 95% of citizens that live in either Tier 1 Cities (Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen), Tier 2 (Cities with population of around 5 million) and Tier 3 (Cities with population of around 2.5 million) are registered on social media

Why a digital marketing approach?

According to eMarketer, Chinese users’ average daily time spend on digital media reached 50.4% (3.08 hours per user) in 2015. Internet users in Mainland China spend five to six more hours online per week than Westerners and an average of almost 90 minutes per day on social networks.

Most importantly, unlike in the West, 38% of consumers on Chinese social media platforms make product purchase decisions based on recommendations they read on social networks.

The West won't cut it...

Social media sites in the West, Facebook, Twitter etc… are blocked in China. China has what is known as the great firewall and many western sites cannot be easily viewed on the Mainland, and if they can, they load very slowly.

China's top social players

We are a UK based China marketing consultancy firm connecting your business and brand with China, Hong Kong and the Far East.
Just a selection of the marketing platform channels in China we can help with include:


WeChat is an instant messenging app but has much more to offer than that. It has over 700 million active monthly users and is now classed as the number one platform for promoting any business, wheather local Chinese or foreign. We can help you set up an official WeChat account and manage your WeChat account by building audiences and content marketing

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Sina Weibo

China’s most popular Microblogging site. Similar to Twitter, 100 million daily users write 140 character posts. On average there are 100 million posts per day and currently over 550 million registered accounts. We can help you set up an official Sina Weibo account and manage for you, including promoting by advertising and building audiences and creating content

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Tencent QQ

The most popular instant messenging app and programme, interface similar to Windows Messenger with an estimated 830 million active accounts. We can help you set up an official QQ account and manage for you, including promoting by advertising and building audiences and creating content

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