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When looking at marketing towards Chinese consumers it is important to respect the culture and interests of the Chinese consumer. Consumers in China rank service quality, which mainly includes personal service, and reliability as a top priority in their decision making.

The do's in China marketing

Many Western brands have tried and failed at marketing in China. Although each case is unique, understanding wat works in China is crucial. China is changing by the second and so should any products being marketed there. We recommend to clients to look at the style of Chinese advertising by Mainland Chinese companies and this way you will be able to appreciate what Chinese consumers are accustomed to. However, it should not always be tailored to traditional style of Chinese culture s China is embracing the Western culture and as such getting this balance is critical. If you are looking at marketing to China you need to think about:

  • Speed
  • Think diverse
  • Comfort zone
  • Respect

Our Advertising & Marketing Services

We can help you advertise across China's social media platforms including WeChat, Weibo, QQ and YouKu to build up brand recognition, followers and clients.

The most effective way to build up an audience apart from organic growth (publishing content and waiting for users to read and build an audience this way) is to use Key Opinion Leader advertising (KOL ads).

KOL Advertising
Essentially you pay a blogger (Called ‘Influencers’), who are most relevant to your brand and have interest in the product you are promoting. The influencer can write an article on your brand or mention your brand in a blog post linking their readers to your account or chosen destination.

For example an influencer who is interested in fashion, would write about a fashion realted articles and would have already built up readership and followers who have similar interest in fashion. By promoting a fashion product you can be sure that readers have interest in this topic and therefore this marketing strategy is very target specific, increasing chances of sales and building a audience interested in your brand and product. Great Wall Marketing can help promote your brand using KOL advertising on China's social media platforms.

Contact us about our KOL advertising service
If you are used to Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) ads and have run many successful campaigns using this, then Baidu PPC will not be unfamiliar.

If you are going to successfully run a Baidu PPC campaign then you must consider the language barrier and keywords that you use. Baidu does have English language help pages, but to use the service without the help of an agency you’d have to study Chinese language.

Great Wall Marketing can help you set up a PPC campaign and increase your rankings on Baidu Contact us about our Baidu service
If you have a specific product then we have a number of contacts to promote and advertise your brand to specific targeted audiences

Our contacts include Caixin, Hunan TV, ITV China and Taobao. Contact us about specific marketing services

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