Creative & Marketing agency for UK companies looking to market to Mainland China

We are a UK based marketing consultancy focused on connecting your business and brand with China, Hong Kong and the Far East.

Just a selection of the marketing channels in China:


Helping clients connect to 600 million active social users

Sina Weibo

Connect with one of the lagest social network platforms

Tencent QQ

QQ is one of China's most popular instant messenging services


China's largest search engine

Great Firewall

Host your fully professionally translated website directly in China

Face to Face

We offer a range of multichannel DM services

Need to sell out fast?

We buy underperforming companies or divisions that are non core from global corporations...

Our core expertise is in the acquisition of underperforming, distressed or non-core businesses either through our private fund or in an advisory capacity to our network of predominantly Chinese and Hong Kong investment consortiums, private equity funds or private investors focussing on Business Services, Energy, Healthcare & Pharmacy, Travel, Consumer & Retail sectors up to $100m in deal size.

Our primary focus is acquiring or investing in businesses operating in Europe, particularly within the UK, and USA on an accelerated basis either pre or post administration to minimise the impact of financial distress or insolvency; together with property asset rich but cash poor businesses looking to off load fixed assets in a timely manner to realise equity for working capital or other commitments.

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Our Marketing Strategies

We can help your business with marketing to China, Hong Kong and the Far East.
A selection of the ways in which we promote your business...

China Social Media

China official social media presence and management made easy

Advertising & Marketing

Market your brand through a range of different advertising sources in China

Conferences & Events

Promote and deliver exhibitions and shows across Mainland China and Far East

Media Intelligence & Design

Rich media content and literature for your brand

China Data Marketing

We are a leading provider of B2B and B2C China data lists and structured e-marketing campaigns

China Website Services

We can help you host your website in China, design your website for Chinese audiences and get your very own Chinese domain name

About Us

Great Wall Marketing is a UK based marketing consultancy focused on promoting your products or services to the Chinese Market. Our expertise will help your business develop a direct and professional presence in one of the World’s fastest growing consumer markets.

Successfully marketing to China or the Far East is completely different to marketing products or services to the Western markets. Our experienced marketing team will develop a marketing strategy tailored to your business to ensure your business generates the results required, from setting up, managing and promoting social media platforms like WeChat and Sina Weibo, to offering multichannel marketing services including inbound call handling services for your Chinese customers, professional translation and dedicated Chinese website hosting and web design

Your tailored marketing services will be handled by experienced Chinese born marketers and designers who are best placed to promote your brand values and business integration into the Chinese consumer market.

Get in touch & discover more...

Looking at marketing your product, service, company or brand to China, Hong Kong or the Far East, our team has over 30 years marketing experience so simply call us on +44 (0)161 549 5338

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