Corporate Acquisitions & Advisors

Our core expertise is in the acquisition of underperforming companies or divisions that are non core from global corporations operating in Business Services, Energy, Healthcare & Pharmacy, Consumer & Retail

Our core expertise is in the acquisition of underperforming, distressed or non-core businesses either through our private fund or in an advisory capacity to our network of predominantly Chinese and Hong Kong investment consortiums, private equity funds or private investors focussing on Business Services, Energy, Healthcare & Pharmacy, Travel, Consumer & Retail sectors up to $100m in deal size.

Our primary focus is acquiring or investing in businesses operating in Europe, particularly within the UK, and USA on an accelerated basis either pre or post administration to minimise the impact of financial distress or insolvency; together with property asset rich but cash poor businesses looking to off load fixed assets in a timely manner to release equity for working capital or other commitments.


Real Estate

We can acquire and advise on a range of commercial and residential real estate where timing to raise finance is key for example in cases which may lead to or have led to repossession or administration. We are looking for value-added schemes of all sectors and in major UK cities or towns.

Business Services

We are interested in businesses which offer B2B services including outsourced call centres, telecommunications and software.


We are interested in acquiring small to medium sized retail and online travel agents and tour operators. We have over 25 years experience in the travel industry

Healthcare & Pharmacy

We are interested in acquiring retail community pharmacies with or without NHS contracts, NHS service providers, pharmaceutical wholesalers and or consumer healthled businesses such as care homes

Leisure & Retail

We are interested in acquiring clothing and textile companies including hotels and leisure businesses

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